Saturday, 23 March 2013

kitchen obsession

Living in a flat again has made me rediscover my enjoyment in cooking and baking.

While I was living in Australia my Dad, who is an awesome cook, did most of the cooking as he enjoys being in the kitchen too. So much so that he can't stay away when I try and cook!

My other personal chef was my friend Kim, who would always have delicious dinner ready for me when I got off the train to Brisbane on a Friday or Saturday night, and whip up amazing brunches to follow our crazy nights out.

I did make some desserts and that but nothing major because it was too hot and I was too busy to think much about cooking and baking!

So below is some of my experiments over the past couple of months. Most of it from the gold old Edmonds Cookbook!

Banana Cake with lemon icing

Melting moments with chocolate and lemon icing (LOVE lemon icing)
One night when Sophie was away I made dinner for one, cooking salmon and lime and chilli risotto. Two things I've never cooked before but turned out awesome!

In the beginning...

Starter of ciabatta, moroccon hummus and kalamata olives

First time cooking salmon!

The finished product

Date and walnut loaf...delicious with natural yoghurt!

Corgette, mushroom, red onion and ricotta canneloni

Rolled from lasagne sheets

Ready for toppings

Finished product!

Lemon Cupcakes

Not a bad afternoons effort. Lemon and chocolate iced cupcakes, banana cake and vegetable frittata

Corn and chilli fritters with mushroom, red onion and spinach


  1. wow this all looks so delicious, well done you :) I am very proud that you can produce such professional looking products and obviously enjoy making it. I'm sure you learnt some tips on baking from me too, and if you are going to do it, make a very good job of it :) any credit for me here? lol

  2. Of course! Got my love of baking from you and Grandma :)