Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Waitangi Day Pub Crawl London

Slightly contrary to my previous posts, it's not all boring setting myself up here in Edinburgh. I do plan on posting some more about what I have been doing, but for today I have a special post in mind. 

It is now (super) early morning on what is considered our national day in New Zealand. Having experienced other national days abroad, I can say that Waitangi Day does not exactly have the same celebratory nature. Despite that, I feel like for the first time in my life I properly celebrated being a kiwi for a day.
My Waitangi Day Pub crawl outfit...a Pukeko!
I attended the Waitangi Day Pub Crawl in London last weekend, and it was amazing. Ironically, I didn't actually set foot in a pub the whole day, but instead spent  the day walking the streets of London, past famous landmarks such as Hyde Park and Big Ben, with an estimated 4000 other kiwis in costume. Stopping every now and then to chat, see how many sheep we could fit in a phone box (see below), be the subject of Londoners and tourists photos, and explain to people what it was we were actually doing! Every single person who asked us told us they thought it was awesome. 

And it was. 

We started at Notting Hill, where we made sure to get the required shot with police officers, who apparently enjoy this day as much as we do!
Our group for the day comprised of NZ beef and lamb, a couple of pukekos...and Shogun
Walking the streets of London
A short stop to check how many sheep fit in the phone box...apparently 8!
We cheated for a bit and packed on to the tube, to the bewilderment of the public, since we got a bit behind. It was a long way to walk!
Coming out of the tube to be see the London Eye was pretty amazing for me, since it was actually my  first day in London ever!
My fellow pukeko in front of one of the most famous landmarks!
Finally arrived in Westminster, a little cold, but very happy!
Only part of the crowd at Westminster to where the "pub crawl" ends and the boys who want to perform a haka. The feeling there was awesome. 

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