Tuesday, 26 March 2013

an update on life in edinburgh

I've been keeping myself pretty busy here lately! I'm feeling much more settled living here now.

Scots Monument on a sunny Edinburgh Day

I scored some temping work for a few weeks. I never thought I'd say it...but working again was awesome!

Walking  to work for my first day of 2013!

I've also managed to land myself a more permanent role, which I'll be hopefully starting soon.

In the meantime I've been amusing myself with a couple of train trips around the UK countryside, which is deserving of its own post soon!

Houses at North Berwick Beach

I also snuck away for a weekend in Coventry staying with my awesome friend Carys, and since it was Paddy's weekend we managed to get some pub crawling and day drinking done before my flight back on the Sunday.

Pub Crawling in Coventry

It's Easter this weekend and I'm off to Norway for it! So there will be much blogging to be done when I get back. It's been a cold month here, so not sure somewhere colder was the best choice! But I'm excited.

Walking to work again, in snow!

Snow on my way to work one day
Other than that, just a bit of face planting standing up from a couch and bruising my face and lip, where alcohol may or may not have been involved, has kept things amusing...


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  1. Sounds amazing!!! Cant wait to come over :) We can have so many adventures together :) :)