Friday, 9 January 2015

on my lonesome in the lake district

I think I first heard of the Lake District in association with Beatrix Potter, whose books I was an avid fan of as a child. I knew it was a picturesque place and the more I heard and saw about it while I was here the more I wanted to go. 

I stopped by on my way back from Liverpool and Manchester and stayed for two nights at the Lake District Backpackers Hostel in Windermere. The hostel was really great with a huge lounge area and kitchen. It is unmanned and you put your money in a safety deposit box, but there is plenty of info around. I also ended up with my own 4 bed dorm since it was completely off season and the middle of the week, bonus! 

Antipasti and blog writing for one!

Morning view from the hostel lounge

I had been hoping to do a tour with Mountain Goat Tours, since they are one of the only operators in the area who run a winter tour, but they also only run if they get a minimum of 4 people. I was lucky on my last day there that they did and I went on it then, but it wasn't confirmed until late on my first day so I ended up taking a trip to Keswick on the bus by myself, just in case! 

Through the bus windows

Travelling to Keswick

The centre of Keswick
It was worth the trip anyway as it is a really nice drive, one which was marred a bit by rain the next day when I did it again on the tour, and I had more time to wander around near the lake there after a. delicious lunch. 

Soup and sandwich, nom

Walking near the lake in Keswick

Me on a walk near the lake


Writing in my journal by the lake

It was at this point I ran into Sir Ian McKellan, but was too surprised to say anything and ended up awkwardly following him for a bit! 

The next day on the tour the weather was much less than desirable. The rain held off for at least the morning but after that we were really battling the elements and some of our view was obscured. I did the winter Ten Lakes Spectacular tour which was really great. The best place we went to was called Buttermere and I would love to take a car back and explore the area a lot more. It can imagine the whole area is amazing, although very packed, come the summertime!

Famous Grasmere Gingerbread shop...yum!

The poet William Wordsworth's grave in Grasmere

In the Lake District!

One of many curved bridges

Amazing views that would only get better in summer!
On the road to Buttermere

Inside the stone circle near Lerwick

The whole circle with a view over several valleys

Maybe I'll keep it on the list for a future visit in nicer weather...possible, if unpredictable! 


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