Wednesday, 28 January 2015

all four corners - hello wales

I have been planning to make it to Wales my entire time in the United Kingdom. I wanted to make sure I went to all four countries, so that I could see the similarities and differences, and also visit a friend I had met on my way to the UK!

A rainy day in Cardiff

So my first stop on this trip was in Cardiff, and a reunion with a friend I met in Cambodia on my way to the UK. David picked me up from the airport and we drove down the Welsh coast and spent the next day in the city.

On the Welsh coast
I've finally been to all four countries in the United Kingdom! We went to the Cardiff museum and it was interesting (and freaky) to see some of the different things found around Wales.

Freakish giant shark thing found around the coast...eeeep!

 We managed to go to a couple of really great places to eat and have cocktails which was nice. Next time I'll have to get further out and see more of the Welsh countryside. It was awesome to catch up with David and have him show me around a tiny bit of Wales.

David and I

Awesome cocktails in Cardiff

And delicious tea places

Trying Welsh cakes! Kind of like a flat scone.
The morning I headed off to get the train to Bath the weather finally improved a bit more so I whizzed around grabbing some photos while I had the chance.

Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle on my walk to the train

Rugby stadium...had to go past here!
There's definitely more to be seen in Cardiff and in Wales, so hopefully I'll be back before too long!


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  1. nice! Wales is lovely and definitely a lot more to see, so I hope to get back there too one day :)