Wednesday, 12 February 2014

road tripping scotland

While my family were over we had a car between Christmas and New Year, which gave us a really good chance to explore some of Scotland. There is so much to see but you can see a lot in a short time as well.

St Andrew's Cathedral

First up was St Andrews, the home of golf, now rather well known as the meeting place of Kate and William. There's even a cafe that purports to be the place they went for their first coffee date!

Dad walking the Cathedral grounds

Old walls

The other thing St Andrews is well known for is the Cathedral. During medieval times St Andrews it was the most important in Scotland. So much so that St Andrews University had it's beginnings out of it as the first university in Scotland. In case you wanted a history lesson..

Old coffins. Creepy.

Looking through the old entrance

St Andrew's harbour


Walking along the sea wall

Looking back to the Cathedral

After that we headed over to the west of Scotland to stay in a castle for the night. Stonefield Castle is near Tarbert on a peninsula to the west of Glasgow, overlooking Loch Fyne. We visited the small village of Tarbert before settling in at the castle for a relaxing afternoon and evening. We managed to get a really great deal as it had mostly emptied the day before after people who came for the Christmas package left.

Ruins of Tarbert Castle

The harbour

Cup of tea time while working on my blog at the Castle

Lady of the Manor

Outside the Castle


Outside the Castle in the morning

Taking a walk around the island

Beautiful calm ocean

Willy Wonka hair

Looking back to the Castle

Mum and Dad 

Around the island

Inside the Castle

Inside the Castle

The entrance

The following day saw us driving up to Fort William, with a stop in Oban.


The Glenfinnan Viaduct of Harry Potter fame

Dad and the Commandos Memorial

The next day was an even bigger day. We drove up to Eilean Donan Castle, a drive and location that is one of my favourites in Scotland.

Misty morning in the Highlands

Scenery in the Highlands

Favourite drive

Back again!

Eilean Donan Castle

Dad on the Castle grounds

The famous view

Deer crossing the river

Since I had already been there I sat in the car while Mum, Dad and Courtney took a tour.

Afterwards we headed towards Inverness, which a quick stop to see Loch Ness. No monsters spotted.

Loch Ness!

Urquhart Castle

I finally got to go to a place I have wanted to for awhile. Culloden, the site of the last battle on British soil, fought between the Jacobite army and the government forces. Many see it as the end of an era for the clans, due to the persecution that many faced afterwards and the outlawing of much of the things that kept the clans together. I first read about it the Diana Gabaldon book, Cross Stitch, or Outlander as it is known in the USA. An awesome series by the way!

Culloden Battlefield

Cottage on the edge of the battlefield

The loyalist line


Looking across the Moor. You can see why the ground was terrible for fighting.


One of the headstones showing where the clans are buried

Looking back across the Moor

After that we headed back to Edinburgh, a big day, but well worth it!

Scotland isn't that big and you can get around a fair bit of it in a few days. Of course there is so much more, but if you only have a few days there is a lot you can see and it is definitely worth the trip!


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  1. that's a great summary of our trip around Scotland. I think the photos are all great too, better than mine :) great memories for us all. xo