Tuesday, 4 February 2014

dresden by train

Since we had originally planned to take in two cities on Mum's birthday trip, before Ryan Air thwarted our plans, I decided to have a look and see what was near Prague that we might be able to visit.

Such is the beauty of Europe, we could train to another city in another country in 2 hours! Plus Dresden has one of the oldest Christmas Markets in Europe. Tick and tick, we were on our way!

Mum waiting for the train to leave

We purchased out tickets from the Prague train station the day before. It wasn't too hard once we figured out which line to be in. The line for the schedule first, then the line to buy the tickets.

In Dresden we just walked around and checked out the city, which was interesting since it was pretty much flattened during the war, but has been rebuilt to look the same.

The countryside between Prague and Dresden
We stopped by the Christmas markets on the way to town and decided to have a drink. There was a yellow drink and we asked the woman behind the counter what is was. Her response: Alcohol. And we all laughed...

Eggnog at the Market near the train station

Mum trying the mystery drink we deduced to be eggnog!

Near the river in Dresden
Walking around near the river

There is a mural called Furstenzug which shows the rulers of Saxony. it was originally painted in the late 1800s but was replaced with porcelain tiles between 1904 and 1907 to make it waterproof. It is the largest porcelain artwork in the world.

Procession of the Princes Mural

Zwinger Palace is a baroque palace filled with art collections. We just had a look around the building and grounds.

Grounds inside Zwinger Palace

Inside the palace

Buildings of Dresden

In the rebuilt square of Dresden

The Christmas Market was also amazing. They go all out on decorations! Except for the part where I nearly ate horse... I just pointed to the sausage that looked the best, luckily the guy questioned by choice!

Dresden Christmas market

Potato pancakes with apple sauce

One corner of the market

Decorations on top of the stalls

It was an easy day trip and we headed back to Prague in the evening. I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for something extra to do when in the area, especially around Christmas!


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  1. it was a great day! loved the train journey looking at the scenery, I thought it was pretty along the river. I think we walked through three markets in total around the City, loved the set up and decorations, food and drink too of course :) still some nice achitecture there.