Tuesday, 4 February 2014

christmas in scotland

Last year I had a winter Christmas, for only the second  time in my life, in England with my best friends family. My first winter Christmas having been in Wichita, Kansas, when I was 17. I had an awesome time last year in England and had no responsibilities whatsoever. This year was a different story altogether.

With my family over for their first ever winter Christmas, I was playing host and going all out.

My cake!!!

Months of planning (and baking...) all worked out in the end and we ended up having a really great Christmas at my flat in Edinburgh.

My winter Christmas outfit!

Not a whole lot happened. It mostly involved me spending the majority of the day in the kitchen, alternating between cooking and burning myself (there are scars). Followed by a walk along the canal in some unseasonably nice weather. Here's some pictures for anyone interested!

Breakfast! Haggis, tomatos and toast

Brussel Sprouts tree

Table all set

Kitchen Bitch

Family Christmas :)


First turkey I've cooked...

How's that for outfits...

Me and Mum

The Canal

Mum and Dad

Cake and Sticky Toffee Pudding for tea

Best dessert ever
It was so awesome having my family over and being all together for Christmas. Who knows where we will all be next year!


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  1. LOL love 'those outfits' thanks! :) really enjoyed shopping with you to get stuff together for Christmas. The day was truly 'perfect' couldn't and wouldn't have done anything different. it just went so well, and didn't seem like you were in the kitchen 'all day', must have been your organisation before hand! the food was oh so delicious, i would love to have it all over again tomorrow :) you did exceptionally well for your first time, i couldn't have done better! I'm salavating over the memory of the food :) i hope you will do it again for us one day. it was just great company and a lovely relaxing day that didn't just whiz by :) xo