Monday, 2 February 2015

brighton for the day

Like Oxford, Brighton was on my list of places that I wanted to see before I left the UK. Again I'm not entirely sure why, but since I felt the need to go I went for the day before going to Gatwick Airport to head home to Edinburgh. Perfect since it is so close to the airport!

On the beach at Brighton!

I chose the perfect time to go...the middle of winter! It was absolutely freezing! I walked along the beach promenade anyway and visited the famous Brighton Pier for a spot of gambling in the form of money sucking pokie type's pretty much mandatory.

Walking along the beach

Brighton Pier from the beach

So classy!
However, the lanes near the beach with all the cool little shops and organic type cafes were well worth a look. I had to sample the cake at the famous Choccywoccydoodah. They even have their own TV show! The chocolate cake doused in more chocolate and with icecream in MORE chocolate was amazing but too much for even me to finish (I know, impossible right?!).

The famous chocolate shop itself...look at the windows!

Amazing cake and coffee. So rich!
After stopping at another cafe for some soup to counter the sugar overload (dessert before lunch, always a winner) I headed on the train to Gatwick.

I imagine Brighton in the summer is much more pleasant, but a lot more crowded. The trip was worth it to see it in this quieter season, and I'd love to go back and sample some more of the awesome looking cafes if I ever had the chance!



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