Saturday, 14 February 2015

bonnie scotland road trip

For my last weekend Phil and I decided to take a roadie around some of the Highlands, a perfect way to end this time in the UK and particularly Scotland.

This. This is why I love Scotland

First up was Doune Castle, where Monty Python was filmed and more recently the Outlander series (one of the reasons I wanted to come to Scotland!).

Lady of the Manor

Phil happier once he realised Monty Python was filmed here!

Dorks, and the Scottish flag

Outside Doune Castle
 Next we drove up through Glencoe, which I've been going on and on about wanting to visit. I've definitely driven through the area before but I was a tad hungover...

Being able to take panoramic photos means I'm now a little obsessed since they make everything look epic, closer to how it is in real life. 

Getting into Glencoe


Me and Phil

Phil's favourite

It would be awesome to do some walking here!

The Three Sisters

Me and the mountains

Amazing mountains
 We arrived at our accommodation for the weekend, the Lodge on the Loch and after a little hiccup with a horrifically orange room we changed to a nicer one and settled in.

Saturday saw us making a huge trip up to Plockton through some more beautiful scenery that I couldn't get enough of, and heading over for a little drive on the Isle of Skye. We saw goats and deer and stags and Phil managed to see highland cows, although they alluded me once again since I wasn't quick enough to see while driving! 

View out the window in the morning. Stunning.

View looking the other way out the window. Also stunning.

The Commandos memorial. This land is where they trained!

Random side of the road picture stop

And another side of the road picture stop! 

Messing around

And ANOTHER side of the road stop. It's too hard not to!

Scotland <3

My third time seeing Eilean Donan Castle...luckily it's a favourite!

Us outside

The cute village of Plockton

Driving back from Skye.
 Our final road trip day was another big drive down to Oban and on to Kilmartin, because I wanted to see a stone circle in Scotland and this area has a huge amount of Neolithic monuments including old Celtic grave stones, cairns and standing stones which was awesome to see. After that it was a bit of a ridiculously long drive due to the worlds worst GPS (I always wanted to drive through every traffic light in the centre of Glasgow) before we made it home.

Stone Circle in Scotland

The beauty of Scotland never fails to amaze and I had an amazing last weekend away. Definitely leaving a piece of my heart behind in Scotland.


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