Saturday, 14 September 2013

portobello: a day at the beach

The other weekend the weather was really awesome (for one day) and I felt like I hadn't been going many places lately and making the most of Edinburgh, so I took a trip to Portobello beach!

At the beach!

I didn't really do a whole lot there, just sat and people watched, then had cake and coffee of course, before heading home. It was nice to feel like I wasn't just stuck in the city for awhile!

Coffee with lemon and pistachio cake

Rocking the stripey socks

Random things on the beach


Houses along the promenade

It was a little breezy...

Looking back down the beach
So I have decided I need to make a list and visit more places in the area on little day trips. My time here is going so fast and before I know it I will have to leave without seeing everything!


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  1. looks like a lovely beach, nice to get out and get some sea air. hope you get to explores lots lots more :)