Thursday, 5 September 2013

edinburgh in august

I decided not to go anywhere in August because Edinburgh has so much going on! Here is some highlights for things I did over the summer (I'm still not convinced I can call it that) in Edinburgh. 

Party time with red solo cups!

And guitars apparently..

And the festival begins. 
I went to several shows over the Festival and almost every lunch I would wonder up to the Royal Mile to see what was happening. The goal though was to not get too many leaflets from people about shows! Some of the shows I went to were free (and unfortunately I found out why) but I did see a couple of good comedians and went to a showing of The Room....which I cant even explain!

Example: Leafleter
 I also went to the Edinburgh Tattoo, which I really enjoyed. Lots of different countries performed including  the NZ Army, who were definitely the favourites (of course I'm not biased...)!

The start of the Tattoo

NZ Army Band

Bubbles made to be like snow for the Mongolian performers

Grand Finale

Union Jack on the Castle

Fireworks over the Castle at the end

Horse police on the Royal Mile

We are all in the photo! Before Hot Dub Time Machine

We went to this awesome show for Danny's birthday. It was a DJ counting down songs from the 1950s to now. 
At Hot Dub


Edinburgh sunset from my new house

A lunchtime trip to Greyfriars...Thomas Riddle's grave stone!

We also made a trip to the Gorgie City Farm...


Failed attempt at a photo with the sign

Edinburgh on a good day
So that's just a small sample of a few things I have been doing in the past couple of months! 


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  1. great photos! love that last one, beautiful day :)