Friday, 24 May 2013

springtime in edinburgh

I haven't had a chance to write lately as I've been settling into my new job (finally yay!). I won't say much about it other than that it should prove to be very interesting and the people are all lovely.

The Castle on my walk home from work.

Polish beer in The Meadows at the end of my first week

Walking around at lunchtime
In the meantime. Spring has arrived in Edinburgh! I think. I say I think because the past couple of days the wind has been FREEZING! If it wasn't for that it would be really nice!

People using portable BBQs in The Meadows

Friday afternoon in The Meadows

Still light after 10pm!

On my way to work on a nice day

Blossoms in The Meadows

Relaxing in the park after work
I've got some stuff up in my room now and It's looking really good!

Prints of old New Zealand travel posters

My pinboard

My pinboard...even more full now than this picture!
I'm off to Amsterdam tomorrow and meeting one of my favourite people there! It should be a fun weekend before I really get into my job training next week.

Lunch at Wellington addictive!
It's also only 6 weeks until I will be in the USA for my beautiful sisters wedding. Can't wait!

Painting my toe nails in front of our kitchen window
I'll try not to be a slacker and get an Amsterdam post up next week. If I actually finish my packing and make my bed so I can sleep before getting up at 5am...


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  1. love the photos :) I know you will have an awesome weekend in Amsterdam with Carys, it will be so much fun!!!! look after yourselves xoxo