Tuesday, 25 December 2012

an english christmas

Originally I had planned to spend Christmas in Edinburgh, but during my epic Asia Adventure I decided to spend it with Kim and her family in Congleton instead. So I was reunited with Kim sooner than planned! Happy days. 

Kim and I together again!

I travelled up to Congleton by train from Coventry on the 21st of December. Kim's parents had very kindly booked us in at a B & B attached to a local pub, The Queens Head, just around the corner from where they were staying with friends. During my time here I went into Manchester by train to go shopping, and we also took a trip to the visit more of Kim's family in Fulford, not too long of a drive away near York. We got to see their friends barn conversion they have half started. It was amazing and something you wouldn't get at home!

Those red phone boxes haven't got old yet...

Legitimate mistletoe! I was excited. 

Christmas dinner number one

The view of the Fulford countryside from the attic room

We had an awesome Christmas Eve night out, in our specially bought sweaters.

Once again, any excuse to dress up!

Can't miss an opportunity for a ridiculous photo shoot. Somehow this hat thing started in Asia...

I love our ridiculousness

These are antlers, obviously...

And a really nice Christmas Day where I was entirely too spoiled.

Christmas morning run to the house in our pjamas, with the expensive bottle of champagne we were given by the pub!

So although there was no snow, my second winter Christmas was a really nice one! I'm hoping next year my family might come and that we might go somewhere where we can be sure to have snow!

Amazing Christmas dinner complete with turkey and cranberry
And of course, must wear ridiculous Christmas hats from crackers. 

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