Sunday, 30 December 2012

a wee bit excited

I arrived in my new home country by train on the 27th of December 2012. Sophie met us off the train and even though it was nearly 3 years to do day since I last saw her it was once again like no time at all had passed.

My bulging bag upon leaving England...not including my completely full Country Road bag!

The view out the kitchen window of my new house

For my first week or so I put aside all of the things I needed to do to be setting myself up, due to the time of year and friends arriving to spend New Year with us.

My first impression of Edinburgh were that all of the buildings were very old and everything is very brick and stone. Stone walls, houses, and cobbled roads.

Oh hey, I see what you did there...

Carys arrived on the 28th and we had an awesome night out for the first of one of many to come!

Kim, me, Carys and Sophie ready for a night on the town
The next day Jess arrived  from London and we took the time to play tourist and visit Edinburgh Castle. It wasn't what I expected at all as there seemed to be no main building, more like a small village up on the hill.

Outside Edinburgh Castle
A cup of hot chocolate and a scone to warm us up before we explored the castle!
The view from the Castle towards Princes Street
Carys in one of the courtyards of the Castle
Next to tick off our list was Hogmanay for New Year. Despite all the hype it wasn't as good as I thought it could be, and the organisation was sadly lacking. They seriously need to learn how to set up Port-a-loos and the line properly so you don't have to become part of a mob and risk suffocation just to go to the bathroom!

Jess and I with our tartan ear muffs for our Scottish New Year!
Warmest New Years outfit I've ever had to wear! Plus a coat and scarf of course
Sophie, Carys and I bring in 2013
We also made a trip to The Elephant House Cafe, where J K Rowling started writing Harry Potter.

Outside The Elephant  House Cafe
Some of the view out of the  back window of The Elephant House Cafe
Sophie, Me, Jess and Kim outside Holyrood Palace
Carys and Jess left to go back to their respective cities and Kim's Mum joined us for a short visit. We went to Jamie's Italian which was, in a word, amazing, and I will definitely be back!

Kim enjoying her delicious dinner
Kim and I outside my front door after an alcohol run
Had to get in some ridiculous photos before Kim left
Cant resist
Kim stayed for her last day with me before leaving (tear) and we rounded off our year of fun by taking a ride on the Ferris Wheel for the last day of the Edinburgh German Markets.

The Scottish Monument through the Ferris Wheel

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