Saturday, 29 November 2014

a day in vienna

Vienna is the perfect day trip from Bratislava, since it's only about an hour by train or bus and you get the benefit of staying in cheaper Slovakia but experiencing the culture of an Austrian city.

The first thing you see getting out of the underground in central Vienna 

It wasn't the best day when Mum and I took the train there, and by that I mean it was raining and freezing. However, Vienna does have epic Christmas light decorations, and several markets, so we could feed our Christmas addiction.

I started by discovering the kaiserkrainer, which is a sausage filled with cheese. NOM. We also had hot chocolate, a giant donut filled with chocolate and I had apply strudel in a cafe. Jealous yet?

In one of the main shopping streets of Vienna

Mum at the Christmas markets

Bratwurst and Kaiserkrainer (filled with cheese!)

Hot chocolate in a boot

The buildings around Vienna are huge, which is strange after being in the small old town of Bratislava
Vienna has some stunning architecture, all of it seemingly built to the bigger is better mantra. We walked around in the freezing cold and rain to see all that we could. I imagine in the summer with it would be amazing to spend time in all the green space between them.

Outside Parliament

Looking out from Parliament

A great example of the amazing buildings (I'm a bit obsessed with buildings)
There is more than one Christmas Market to see so we spent time at a couple. If it actually snowed they would be stunning. Vienna is also famous for its horse and carriage rides and a ride around once all the lights are on would be a great experience.

One of the biggest markets

Traditional gifts

Giant donut filled with chocolate!

Beautiful decorations in the streets

Back outside the church

Walking back to the train station

Johann Strauss - composer of the waltz

We managed to see everything we wanted to within plenty of time, even though some was in the dark since it was winter, and headed back to Bratislava on the train. Easy!


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  1. it was a great day, love it! but how quickly I forgot that it was even cold, I don't remember :) your love of photographing buildings/architecture you get from your Mum, sorry :) love your photos, they are better than my ones, don't think I will bother next time, just let you take them :) hurrah, thank goodness for that, with a big smile I can see you doing as you read this line :) it would make for a smoother and quicker trip around places if this was the case., haha