Tuesday, 10 December 2013

hamburg weekend: guten tag germany!

In November I took a trip to Hamburg to see some of Germany for the first time and meet another friend I met in Thailand.

Downtown Hamburg

Hamburg probably wouldn’t be my first choice of places to go in Germany, with the obvious choice being Berlin, however, it was still a really interesting city to see and to spend time with friends.

I arrived Friday evening and Geoff met me at the airport. So strange to think the last time we saw each other was in Krabi, Thailand. A lot has happened since then! Geoff is studying at the university so we dropped my stuff at his house near there and headed straight for Dom, a fair held three times yearly.

German Hearts


Geoff buying a pickle...

What else could I have for my first meal in Germany but a handle of beer and a bratwurst! Followed by mini pancakes, pofferjets, covered in icing sugar and butter. Yum. Delicious. After that we took a walk along the Reeperbhan area so that I could see it before it got too crazy for the night.

Tribute to the Beatles. They started out in Hamburg on the Reeperbhan!

We had drinks at Geoff’s house with some other students and all headed out to one of the 99c bars. There are lots of options for going out in Hamburg. Everything from pubs to clubs and cheap drink joints and of course there are the numerous strip clubs and the red light area. Not that I went there because apparently girls are given a bit of a hard time if they do!

Geoff and I

Necessary drinking games

We decided to get breath tested on the way home.. 3 euros!

Not sure I needed to wake up and know how drunk I was..

Geoff’s friend Sa arrived super early Saturday morning. Although she is German she had never been to Hamburg soo we walked around the city together and saw some of the sights.

The TV tower

Walking through the Botanic Gardens

Back at Dom again

Saturday night

First mulled wine of the year!

Saturday night we had a delicious cheap dinner in the Schanzenviertel area before heading out again. This area has cute little shops and lots of different restaurants to try. I would definitely recommend Hamburg for a good night out! This time started out at a 99c bar again then we went to a club which had a really good DJ on and stayed there the rest of the night. I like how in Hamburg people go out a bit later as well and home later.

Back in the 99c bar..

Sunday we went to the Blankenese area which is by the ocean and walked back towards Hamburg, ending with taking a boat the rest of the way back to the Fischmarket area where I tried some local fish.

Blankenese Area

Along the waterfront

A cargo ship coming in

On the ferry - freezing!

Coming back into the Fishmarket area

Pickles fish sandwich. Nom. 

The number one attraction in Hamburg is Miniatur Wunderland, and although this wouldn’t be my top reason to go to a city it didn’t disappoint. I normally wouldn't go to something like this but thought I would give it a go. It is the best modelling I have ever seen, and the new airport is just insane. I could have watched that thing for hours!

Fall of the Berlin Wall

Watching planes take off and land...actually

The miniature airport

Monday saw Sa and I exploring the cute shops in the Schanzenviertel area and having the most delicious cake and coffee in a cute little cafe.

Old buildings
Walking around Hamburg

No idea what this is but it's my name!

Mmm cake

Delicious rhubarb and meringue cake and a coffee

Outside of the cafe

Graffiti in the area

Geoff's train stop

That afternoon I headed back to the airport and got back to Edinburgh at a reasonable hour this time.

Hamburg is a good place to visit if you just want a cheap weekend away and a good night out with friends! And of course HUGE thanks to Geoff for putting me up (putting up with me?) for the weekend :).



  1. Hi Sonja just came across your blog whilst surfing the web my friend is going to Hamburg for the new year, would you have a top 10 for her to do? I could only think of walking around the Alsters!

  2. I love the Banksy looking graffiti the yum hot dog and the pie. I can't wait to experience more of the UK with you. Yum yum, Kim XX