Saturday, 13 July 2013

the newest mr & mrs braet

Last year while I was living in Australia a letter arrived for me in the mail from the USA asking me to be a bridesmaid for my sister's wedding. Sarah has always been the sister I never truly had and even though I had a vague plan to be in Scotland by the time the wedding happened I assured her that there was no way I would miss it and I would definitely be there. 

So just under 9 years after I first went to Wichita I went back for a super exciting event. 

On the day of the wedding the girls all met at our house that morning to get our hair done and do our makeup before we went to the church.

Opening a present Annie organised
Off to the church!

Once we were there we got dressed and had photos and chowed down on some food.
Bride and Bridesmaid!
Relaxing after photos
Lisa, Sarah, Kelli and I
Getting the bride ready!
Mom and I
Bridesmaid ready!

The time seemed to fly we were getting ready for the ceremony before I knew it. 

I was so so nervous for no reason! Sarah looked beautiful and it was a really beautiful ceremony.

Afterwards the bridal party and a few others got in a party bus to make our way slowly to the reception, stopping on the way to take a few more pictures. This was so much fun!

Zac and I on the party bus
Party bus time!
Excellent beer throwing by the bride
Alex, Annie & I
Bring out the spirits! 
Wedding party!
Sarah and I
Girl chat
Photos in the park
Lisa, Sarah and I
Bridesmaids! (And one groomsman..)
Dan and I

The reception was great as well. We had delicious food and I hardly sat at our table because I was running around talking to people, going in the photobooth, dancing and standing at the chocolate fountain. 

Alex and I messing around outside
Zac, Alex, Dan and I

Afterwards a few of the bridesmaids and groomsmen and some others went out at the bar across the road from the hotel we were staying in for the night.

I had such a good time being part of the wedding and I was so happy I had been able to make it. The day went by so fast I would love to be able to repeat it all over again. I am so happy that Sarah and Corey have found each other and are starting their future life together. 

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Braet!


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  1. what a great day, beautiful photos. So glad you got to be there too and a Bridesmaid :)